Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

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    The oral hygiene industry is massive. There are countless people, companies, organizations, and associations that are in the business of keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. Wavee is a start-up with big dreams, a unique vision that seeks to make oral care cool - and we know we can’t do it by ourselves. Teaming with Smile Experts across the world will help make cool oral care a reality.



This is your opportunity for your practice to partner with an exciting AWARD-WINNING global brand - only 50 Practices across the US will qualify for the Partner Practice Program. Wavee will closely collaborate with members of the Partner Practice Program to grow business together.

NOT IN THE US? Just reach out to us directly to discuss getting Wavee involved in your region!


Immediately expand your Practice’s reach by plugging into Wavee’s network of dental professionals. GO GLOBAL – whether its domestic or international, Wavee’s Partner Practice Program allows you to reach out to like-minded smile experts across the world.


Incorporating Wavee into your practice’s portfolio will add a net-new revenue channel to your operation. It’s QUICK & EASY with minimal disruption to your current


From aligning your practice with a global brand or assisting in the development of innovative and exciting products, Wavee wants to work with you at the ground level to build a brand you’re proud to stand behind.


Step 1 - Sign-up and order your test brush for 50% off

Step 2 - Submit a product review to become a Wavee 3P Partner

Step 3 - Order a W-1 Starter Kit to redeem the cost of your test brush

Step 4 - Sell the award-winning W-1 and help your clients get WAVEE.


    The dental industry is expansive and the rules and regulations of how Members can participate in 3P will vary depending on your country and state or province. Note that due to these regulations, partnerships will differ across regions – but our joint commitment to changing oral care remains the same. Make sure to review our Partner Practice Program Terms here or contact us directly for complete details at 

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